People who eat pasta are actually thinner than those who don't

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Ok this is the best news since... EVER!

If you're anything like us, you probably love pasta, so when we found out the news that there is no correlation between pasta and being overweight.

In fact, in the study that researched 23,000 participants, they found that the more pasta people ate, the lower their BMI!

Meryl Streep Spaghetti

Apparently, those who eat pasta are more likely to go on a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet which sees people eating healthy fats, oils, fresh vegetables and whole grains. 

A diet like this will lead to a lower risk of obesity, especially in the stomach. It's also related to a healthier hip-to-waist ratio and a smaller waist.

One of our favourite quotes from Italian star, Sophia Loren, is, "Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti," and we totally believe her now!

Olsen spaghetti

Of course, it's still wise to eat in moderation, they're not eating HUGE portions of the stuff, the LA Times suggests the Italians are likely only eating around 85 grams of the stuff and it's probably just a first course, not the main event.

Basically this means that you should keep doing what you do to be healthy, but add a bit more pasta to your life! Amazing.


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