Watch! The Chainsmokers in Nova's Red Room

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Yep, we LOVE this duo.

It's official, we are obsessed with The Chainsmokers.

The boys rocked out in Nova's Red Room presented by Student Flights, playing for a room filled with their biggest fans.

Opening with Sick Boy, The Chainsmokers had the entire Gershwin room of St Kilda's newly refurbished Hotel Esplanade on their feet.

Drew introduced the band to the crowd and thanked them for coming out:

"We don't do shows like this very often where it's just the three of us with nothing but a small stage.

So yea thank you guys for coming we feel pretty lucky to be doing a show this stripped back."

Everyone then got a lot Closer for one of our all-time favourites... Closer.

"This next song, I think you guys will know it. This was the first song I ever sang on and a few years ago we just had a DJ and that's what we did. But the last couple years we've been playing as a band and this song is part of the reason so if you know the words sing along."

The audience could not stop yelling "we ain't ever getting older" at the top of their lungs. As if you could resist?

The Chainsmokers then followed:

"This song's called Who Do You Love with a little Australian band called 5 Seconds Of Summer."

Xavier Dunn helped the boys out with Who Do You Love reminding us all how much we LOVE The Chainsmokers and 5SOS collaborating.

Does it get any better? Yes, it does. Graace jumped in for Hope and This Feeling making it a party of five on stage ending the show with a bang!

But all good (amazing) things must come to an end, and we certainly Hope we see them again soon!

Check out the pics from the night below & stay tuned for the videos!

'This Feeling'

'Who Do You Love'

Written By Christina Cavaleri

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful.

One Word: Perfection.

Just wait till you see the line-up...