Adelaide House Listing Accidentally Includes Super Rude Typo

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An Adelaide listing has made headlines today after one heck of a typo.

The ad, for a house in Marleston, begins somewhat well, describing the property as having "immaculate attention to detail", a "traditional hallway" - whatever that means - and an "alluring staircase". 

And then things get really interesting.

"The contemporary kitchen area is complete with lux [sic] stone bench tops, modern stainless steel appliances and loads of storage plus wank in pantry."

Feast your eyes:

Most readers assumed ad was meant to read "walk" in pantry, as this is how it has been written online. 

Facebook users have been commenting on images with comments like "doesn't sound very hygienic" and "probably wouldn't want to eat from their house".

Happy interneting.

Image: Facebook

Written By Ally Parker

Are we next?

Check your freezers. 


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