Apple is getting rid of one of your favourite iPhone products!

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Basically ever since the iPhone 7 came out, rumours of the iPhone 8 have been swirling around and it looks like Apple is ditching one of our favourite colours – the rose gold!

YouTuber Danny Winget claims to have gotten his hands on some of the final prototype dummies for the new phone and he showed them off on his channel, which you can watch here:

So, the new iPhones will feature a new colour, copper gold or bronze, which is all well and good, but where’s the rose gold? It seems as though there are only three colours: black, silver/white and then the bronze/white.

Winget describes the new colour:

"The shade is much darker. It's hard to even describe this colour. I think it's pretty ugly. This is a drastic change from the rose gold colour."

We think it’s pretty odd for Apple to ditch the rose gold colour and go in the direction of this new shade, which just isn’t as nice in our opinion! 

Guess we’ll find out later this year when the new phone is released!

Image: Eric Thayer/Getty Images

Written By Marni Dixit
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