Cockroaches Are Becoming Un-killable Superbugs And Lawd Help Us

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How does one befriend a cockroach?

Cockroaches have got to be one of the scariest insects out there and it looks like they're going to literally outlive us all.

Even though we were under the impression they already were a superbug - we mean, they can live for a week without their head, that’s pretty super.

But now? Oh, they’re just nearly impossible to kill with pesticide. 

New research published in journal, Scientific Reports, has discovered the common type of the insects - German cockroaches - are quickly evolving to be resistant to pesticides – including chemicals they have never encountered.

“We conducted seminal field studies to compare three insecticide resistance intervention strategies for cockroaches and evaluated resistance evolution across multiple generations,” explained researchers from Purdue University.

The team also discovered  that pesticides were found to be "mostly ineffective" as roach populations either remained stable or actually increased in most cases “due to cross-resistance".

It looks like the ol' boot is the only way to get rid of 'em. Unless they're flying at your face.

Excuse us while we go throw up our lunch.

Image credit: Getty Images / Wangyun-cn


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