Coles Has Created A Chicken Parmy Pizza And Life Is Good

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Quick pit stop on the way home tonight?

Holy moly there is a God. 

And no it's not 

Jonathan Cheban.

It's Coles. 

You no longer need to decide between pizza and chicken parmy because now you can have both (and yes, it’s PARMY. We had a debate in the office and I won, I don't care what Coles says.)

The Coles Limited Edition Chicken Parma Pizza is topped with Southern-fried popcorn chicken, smoked ham, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Everything you need when you arrive home after an all-nighter / Tuesday night - you do you. 

There is nothing better than a new food pairing; sushi tacos, Aldi's naanwich, cronuts and now parmy pizza.

We are yet to taste the parmy pizza but we love the two meals separately, so we can only imagine the mouthgasm if they're paired together. 

And it’s just $5 so what have you got to lose?  

Grab yourself a Chicken Parma (argh - PARMY) Pizza from the chilled ready-made meals section in your local Coles.

Image credit: Getty Images / Katelyn Racanelli / Lauri Patterson


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Written By Christina Cavaleri