Craig Foster slams Australia’s approach to the World Cup

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As Australia reels over their fourth place result for the 2018 World Cup after losing 2-0 to Peru in the early hours of Wednesday morning, former player and SBS presenter, Craig Foster, has given some honest words of criticism about how he thinks the Socceroos performed in the comp, shares. 

“The important thing right now is that we are calm in looking at the campaign, at the way we approached it, and the way approached this match, and the way we approached Denmark and France and asking the question that every nation that goes out of a World Cup – certainly repeatedly, like us – has to ask, and that is: could we have done more?” Foster said in his analysis of Australia’s result. 

“There’s no question that we could have done more.”

Disappointingly, the Socceroos failed to score a goal in any of their World Cup matches this year, leaving them sitting at the bottom of their group behind France, Denmark and Peru. 

As Foster has shared, he feels that while the players “gave everything”, the team behind the Australian side have failed to learn from the mistakes of former World Cup tournaments:

“In my view, we haven’t learnt from the last four years and we’ve come here and, what I said at half time was, according to the style of play, the guys executed it extremely well, but Australia’s capable of more,” he said.

“We were capable of much more against Denmark and the real problem for Australia is that if we’d actually won this game and gone through … I would have preferred that France won, so that we can feel more pain right now.

“Otherwise, it's just another moment where everyone feels we almost got there. We walk away. We dust ourselves off and learn very little, if anything, and then move on to the next campaign.” 

Foster has stressed that he doesn’t blame coach Bert van Marwijk for the result, stating that Australia has had a “gutless approach” to games in the past.

“The only critical thing right now, is that we take something out of this tournament,” he said.

“...The guys went and gave everything and you can see what they’ve spent in pursuit of making their nation proud. That’s normal.

“We know these guys are capable of that, but that wasn’t what we’re capable of in terms of a football country. I can’t accept that.”

Image: Michael Steele/Getty Images

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