David Beckham Has A Run In With The Police

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Laws will not be bent for Beckham

As regular folks, we often assume that famous people can get a few pardons in life. How can we not? They get sent loads of free stuff, get invited to the most exclusive clubs and you know, have a never-ending money pit.

But when it comes to the law, no one is excused. We’re all equal, including soccer legend David Beckham.

Yes, that’s right. Beckham has had a run in with the law. 

He was caught on his phone while driving around London in his Bentley. A law broken by countless - normally in a much less expensive car. 

According to the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, the sporting hero attended Bromley Magistrates' Court in the British capital on Thursday for sentencing, and was disqualified from driving for six months. He was also fined $973 and ordered to pay $228 in court costs and fees. 

Just pocket change when you look at his $560 million net worth. 

This isn’t his first stumble. Two months before the offence, Beckham was slammed by road safety campaigners after he avoided prosecution for a speeding charge on technical grounds, because he was notified of the charge after the statutory 14 day limit. 

Beckham already had six points on his licence when he was caught, the latest six took him over Britain’s 12-point threshold which results in instant disqualification.

Guess the law isn’t going to bend for Beckham.

Images credit: Getty Images / Jan Kruger / Stringer


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Written By Christina Cavaleri