Grab A Feed Bag 'Cause Macca's Is Slingin' $1 Big Macs

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Get ready for one helluva good deal folks.

'Cause Macca's, our fave Micky D's, our got-to, is slingin' $1 Big Mac burgers for one day only.

As if a $1 weren't enough of a deal, the promo celebrates the fact Australia is the first country in the world to have rolled-out a series of improvements to the way the classic burger range is served (a better sizzle, grilled onions and more Big Mac special sauce etc.).

To redeem, head to the mymacca's app and visit My Rewards. It's only available from 5am AEST, Tuesday 25 June (and limit one per customer you greedy guts), so get going.

Image: Supplied.


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