Halo Top has released a new limited-edition flavour and here's where to get it

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The hype is real.

By now, you should know about Halo Top. But if you don’t, today is going to be a good day. 

Halo Top is a kickass brand that makes dairy and non-dairy low-calorie ice creams, in a huge range of delicious and fun flavours. 

Ranging between 260 – 360 calories a pint, you can scoff the entire thing in one sitting if you wanted (you do you boo) and not feel super guilty about it.

While it’s only been Down Under for a few years, they’ve recently had a massive surge in availability and introduced a bunch of new flavours. 

Most notably, the unveiling of a new limited-edition seasonal flavour.

Drumroll please…

Introducing, Peaches and Cream! 

Halo Top has a history of selling out flavours quickly (especially the dairy free peanut butter, dammit) so get in quickly before this one goes! 

It’s only available at Woolies – along with some other dope flavours. 

For your eating convenience, we’ve made a handy dandy chart to help you figure out which flavours are where – because they’re honestly all over the place. You’re welcome. 

Happy eating!  

Image: Halo Top AU / Instagram, Giphy 


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