Heatwaves and snowfall as extreme weather hits Australia

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"We're calling it the battle of the season."

No matter where you are in Australia today, it seems some kind of extreme weather will follow you! 

Sydney is set to have its hottest February day with temps edging close to 40˚ today. While the CBD generally stays a few degrees cooler than western Sydney thanks to the winds off the water, there will be no hiding from the heat this week.

Temperatures will reach 37˚ in the city and 38˚ in the west on Tuesday, and it's not just Sydney copping the heat – Brisbane's in for a 35˚ day on Tuesday and 36˚ on Wednesday.

News.Com.Au reports Sky News Weather Channel meteorologist Tom Saunders said Sydney will see its "hottest February day for the last couple of years".

Strangely enough, on the Victorian border, temperatures are dropping to almost single digits and snow is falling in the mountains. 

In Melbourne, a severe weather warning has been released with 100km/h winds set to tear through the city on Tuesday with temps reaching just 21˚, and if that's not enough, you'll see some rain as well.

Mr Saunders added:

“We’re calling it the battle of the season — a Queensland heatwave this week and elevated fire danger in NSW but wintry blasts for Victoria and Tasmania."

Thankfully for those in Sydney, the cold front will reach NSW on Wednesday and temps will drop down to a manageable 27˚.

“There will be colder conditions on Wednesday in NSW but that cool change won’t hit south east Queensland until Thursday or later in northern Queensland.”

In Brisbane, the temperatures will slowly drop to 30˚ for the weekend. 

Let's all just stay home today, shall we?

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Written By Marni Dixit

We’ll take 10.

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