Kmart has gone and done it again

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You’re gonna wanna get your hands on this beauty.

Kmart is heaven on earth. 

If heaven looked like baby pink homewares, sequinned pillows and pastel kitchenwares you never knew you needed until now. 

So it should come as no surprise that they’re latest product is a GAME. CHANGER. 

Get your wallets ready, because Kmart has released an $89 espresso machine

It’s sleek. 

It’s shiny. 

It’s a bargain.

And we need it. 

Facebook forums, including the closed group Kmart Mums, have exploded with positive reviews for the product. 

And we’d expect nothing less. 

“I got one yesterday! It’s amazing!” one user wrote. 

“I got one it's amazing! Very happy with it mmmmmm coffee,” said another. 

The mums have it.  

So get in store and get it while it’s steaming hot. 

Images: Getty, Kmart, Giphy / Giphy


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