Man Dangling From Brisbane's Story Bridge In Climate Protest

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He is currently livestreaming.

A man is dangling from Brisbane's inner-city Story Bridge as part of climate protests targeting major Australian cities in a week-long campaign.

Police are negotiating with the Extinction Rebellion protester, who is livestreaming on the internet as he sits over the Brisbane River on what appears to be a hammock.

"I'm actually hanging underneath the Story Bridge," the man said on the Facebook livestream.

"I'm up here for my daughters. There's a climate emergency and our government hasn't take sufficient action, really."

Police have indicated they are prepared to wait for him to return to solid ground.

All lanes on the bridge are currently open, they added.

The act is part of Extinction Rebellion's International Rebellion Week, a movement designed to bring awareness to climate concerns.

Ten people were arrested in connection with the week during a swarm in Melbourne's CBD. The protest took place during yesterday afternoon's peak hour causing widespread traffic dramas.

Thirty-eight demonstrators were arrested in Sydney, with protesters to gather at Hyde Park at 9am before a rally in Sydney Square. Flash mobs are also rumoured for Sydney's train service.

In Brisbane, six people arrested during an all day demonstration yesterday with more disruptions expected today.

Image: AAP / Glenn Hunt

Source: AAP

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He is expected to appear in court on 6 November.