New 3D Scanners Introduced To Melbourne Airport

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A first in Australia.

3D scanners are being rolled out for the first time in Australia at Melbourne Airport’s T4 terminal today.

Jetstar, Tigerair, Rex and Airnorth passengers will be subject to the body scan and medical-grade X-rays for their bags.

The newly-introduced technology uses advanced X-ray systems to look into passengers’ carry-on baggage without the need to remove electronics or liquids, with the aim of streamlining bag checks.

It’s set to reduce the time it’ll take for security screening to just 60 seconds, with all airports set to adopt similar technology over the next two years.

Airport chief of aviation Simon Gandy said the trial, in collaboration with Smiths Detections, would help streamline and strengthen security:

“Thanks to the pilot program we are able to better understand how in the future passengers can pass through security screening without having to divest their items, which simplifies the start of the traveller journey right from the outset,” he said.

“The quality of X-ray imagery and software functionality is also superior to what we have seen previously and will certainly shape the way the aviation industry works in the future."

Image: Getty / AzmanL

Written By Ange Anderson

A state of emergency has been declared.

Three people are also missing.

Be safe out there.