New Cadbury concoction making waves on social media

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Chocolate purveyors Cadbury have officially gone rogue.

And by that, we mean they've smashed together chips and chocolate in what is either the most bizarre marketing ploy of the month or... they just genuinely think their consumers are a) drunk or b) high at all times.

The famous purple brand have announced two gimmick-ey prods, Dairy Milk with Kettle Sea Salt chips and Dairy Milk with CC's Original Corn Chips and while some believe the sea salt combo deserves at least one try, many are reeling at the idea of corn chips in chocolate.

Results, based on the concept alone, are mixed across the board with one Facebook user writing, "There’s nothing better than chips with chocolate - this is genius" but the majority writing something more along the lines of, "They have lost the plot."

The bizarre duos will be available at Coles, Woolworths and independent retailers from August 15.

Image: The Simpsons


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