Play School Is Getting A New Toy And We Have All The Feels

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Jemima is getting a gal pal. 

There's a magical place that all Aussie kids who grew up in the 90s will remember. 

There’s a bear in there and a chair as well. There are people with games and stories to tell.

It’s Play School

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Play School was the show that taught us about different shaped window, arts and crafts, and how to make friends. But one of the most memorable parts of the show were the different toys. 

There was Jemima and Humpty Dumpty and Big Ted and Little Ted.

Now, more than 50 years since the show first launched in Straya, it’s branching out with new stories, new faces and a new toy. 

We kind of resent this: we don’t like change. Find us a person who likes change and we’ll give you a million dollars (not really- we don’t have that kind of money). 

But Play School has to keep things spicy for the next generation of kids, so we understand why the change is happening. 

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The new toy is named Kiya and is a doll of a little girl. 

^Hi Kiya. 

But she’s not just any doll or any little girl: she’s Aboriginal. 

Kiya will make her debut on Play School during NAIDOC Week in the special episode, Acknowledgement of Country, which will celebrate our Indigenous language and culture. 

Kiya is part of the commitment ABC made to embed Indigenous perspectives and viewpoints into their Children’s content. 

In this special episode, airing 8 July from 9.00am on ABC KIDS,  presenters Miranda Tapsell, Luke Carroll and Hunter Page-Lochard will find out where Kiya is from and learn to say hello in her language.

In the spirit of changing things up, Kiya is not the only new addition to Play School this year. Viewers will also be able to enjoy the brand new series, Play School Art Time, see new faces on Celebrity Covers and cover new ground in a series of Play School specials.

As long as Jemima and Humpty are still there, we’re happy. 

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