This Puzzle Delivery Service Is One Way To Keep Your Brain Cells Active

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Cats, Disney, food puzzles and more.

These days you can get a lot of things delivered to your door; food, drinks, tradies and more. 

We all love a night in with a bottle of wine, takeaway food and Netflix. 

But we all hate aimlessly scrolling to find a movie to watch with no success. But, Puzzle Post has our backs...with a puzzle. 

The subscription service delivers puzzles straight to your door - what a time to be alive. Why watch a movie when you can do a puzzle?

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Before you get all judgey-wudgey was a bear on us, puzzles are back in style and you know it. Spend your night in exercising your brain cells and creating intricate cardboard pieces of artwork like the true adult you are.

Puzzle Post carefully selects a puzzle to send to you each month based on your tastes.

You can give the subscription a test and just get a one-off puzzle for the month or set yourself up with a three, six or twelve month subscription.

The cost runs between $39–83 and the puzzles cover a range of themes such as cats, nostalgia, flowers, Disney and food. They also range from easy (500 pieces) to 1000-plus piece hard puzzles.

We’re never leaving the house again.

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Written By Christina Cavaleri