Offensive posters starring Waleed Aly have popped up all over the city

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These are not OK.

Incredibly offensive posters calling for Aussie Muslim Waleed Aly to be deported have popped up overnight in the Sydney CBD.

The disgusting signs – printed by a nationalist group – have been designed to be shared by supporters and eventually plastered across the country.

Their slogan? “Spread the love in your area.”

Coupled with a play on the Pokémon tagline “gotta catch & deport ’em all!” the offensive posters describe The Project host as, “charming and insidious” and “deceptive”.Waleed-racist-poster

Facebook users are believed to have alerted police of the signs after one was shared on an inner west Facebook page group last night.

It has since been taken down while authorities continue to investigate:

“Police at Marrickville Local Area Command are now aware of the posters and we are seeking information from the public about who made and distributed them. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 33 000.”

Lead image: Facebook

Written By Cassie Steel

Do you think it was inappropriate?   

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Investigation into the cause is underway. 


Our thoughts go out to her family during this time.