This Ridiculously High-Cut Swimsuit Is Getting Roasted Online

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Risky business.

Are you one of those folks who thinks a trip to the beach isn't filled with quite enough risk? 

Blue bottles? Not a big deal. Rips? No prob. Embarrassing sunburn in hard to reach/easy to chafe places? NBD.

So, without further ado, please welcome the swimsuit that'll turn your next sand sesh into the Thunderdome:

See what we mean about risk?

One wrong move in this bad boy and you're in for the genital flossing of a lifetime.

Social media are not unaware of said risk, referring to the swimsuit as a "monstrosity":

The swimsuit, from label Jaded and available via ASOS and TopShop, isn't cheap either. It rings in on ASOS at $80 and the label's website for $75.

“Jesus what is happening there? What is not happening? That person had actual corners? I can’t unsee that!” one person wrote, capturing our feels exactly.

“We can all be relieved it’s unavailable in my size."

“Two small triangles and a belt. You won’t be allowed to consume anything, not even air,” another wrote.

Oh, and it comes in 'tribal' print too:

Bet you're feeling like your togs from last season aren't looking to shabby right about now.

Image: ASOS


Fitzy met his match when Matt Okine stepped up for RAP UP OF THE WEEK:

Written By Ally Parker

Our thoughts are with her friends and family. 

Time for a spring clean.

"You're a f***ing tool bro."