The Rumours Are True: Biccy Flavoured Milk Is A Thing

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And we know where you can get some. 

You may have heard whispers on the internet but, like us, were unsure if those rumours were true. 

Mysterious pictures of Arnott’s biscuit flavoured milk have been teasing us for months now, but we didn’t know if they were legit and, more importantly, where we could get our hands on some.

Well, wonder no more friends, because biccy flavoured milk is indeed a thing!

First they brought us biscuit chocolate bars and now Arnott’s have partnered with Dairy Farmers to deliver two of their most popular biscuit in liquid form: Iced Vovo and Mint Slice. 

The flavours are made with real ingredients; peppermint oil infuses the Mint Slice and the Iced VoVo resounds of fresh raspberry jam.

So if the flavours are natural does that mean they’re healthy for you? 


You can get your mouth around these delicious creations at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets from May 20. 

The flavours are limited-edition so you better get ‘em while they’re in stock and pleasantly refrigerated (no one likes hot milk). 

Images: Arnott's, Giphy / Giphy.


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Written By Krisinda Merhi