Severe weather forecast for all Aussie states

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Get ready, guys.

If you were getting excited about getting your Summer rig on the beach for its annual Insta photoshoot, we have some bad news. 

According to Nine News, who spoke with Weatherzone spokesman Thomas Hough, it’s likely that every Aussie state will be hit with thunderstorms over the coming week. 

South Australia and Western Australia can expect to see nasty weather right away while New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria will enjoy some sunshine and warmer temps for a few days before the wet weather makes its way over. 


Slight chance of storms early Monday morning for Perth. Expect rain to hit on Tuesday, November 14th and last through to Wednesday. 


For Adelaide, there's a chance of rain on Wednesday, November 15th and a high likelihood of rain Friday through to Saturday.


Thunderstorms are expected in Melbourne at around 6pm Monday evening. There's a high chance of rain Wednesday, which should last through to Friday. 


Sydneysiders can expect wet weather from Thursday, November 16th through to Sunday. 


Brissie should see wet weather over the weekend, kicking off on Saturday, November 18th. 

Image: WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

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