Study Reveals What The Biggest Turn Offs In The Bedroom Are

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Do you have any of these in your room?

Have you ever gone out on a date and it's going really well so you go home with them.

You walk through the door, start looking around and then you see it. In their bedroom. Star Wars memorabilia.

You're not the only one. A new survey by Perfect Home, which asked 2,000 single Brits which items or decorations would be the biggest turn off when entering someone else's room for the first time, discovered that the biggest turn off is the same for men and women. 

And no it's not a giant Darth Vader replica, it's nude posters or pornography. 

Both agreed that if they walked into their date's room with nude posters or pornography it would be unacceptable. Fair enough, surely people don't have naked posters on their wall after the age of 16, right? 

Moving on to the next items on the list, let's look at the ladies first. Rounding out the top three bedroom no-nos are; dirty rooms and clothes or mess on the floor.

Over to the lads, their list finished off with; teddy bears and posters that would see them most likely to turn around. 

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Additionally, 10 per cent of people surveyed said the style of the room would have a significant effect on whether they were getting lucky that night with one guy saying:

"I don't like textured wallpaper or signs telling me what to do in each room e.g. 'relax', 'bathe', 'sleep'."

Fair enough, surely we all know what to do in each room by now. 

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

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