Three New Terrifying Spiders Have Been Identified In Australia

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Well folks, we officially understand why people accidentally burn down their houses to kill spiders.

Not sure what we're on about?

Oh, don't worry, you'll be well and truly aware (perhaps more than you’d like) in just a tick.

You see, researchers in southwestern Australia have discovered three new variants of the Peacock Spider (following five others in 2017).

AKA jumping, devilish little a**holes. 

Yep, three more versions of these crawling nightmares have been discovered in our beautiful, creature-logged country. 

The team responsible is Project Maratus who describe themselves as a "not-for-profit, self-funded group undertaking and promoting research into the iconic Australian Peacock spiders."

Personally, we describe them as "maybs a little tooooo into spiders?" but that's beside the point.

PM call the species "Australia's mini birds of paradise" thanks to "intricate, often flashy courtship rituals.”  

To be fair, they are without a doubt flashy AF.

But we could have stopped at five variants, ya know?

Anywho, presenting: Maratus aquilus, Maratus felinus, and Maratus combustus:




Yeahhhhh nahhhhh.

P.S. You can watch a video of them here if you're into that kind of stuff.

Image: Project Maratus / YouTube


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So pretty! 

“I’d like to thank the entire rugby league community.”

And we know where you can get some.