TV host SLAMS Meghan Markle's empowering messages on bananas for sex workers in need

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“It’s so patronising..."

On Friday February 1, Meghan and Prince Harry made an unannounced visit to One25: a Bristol-based charity which supports women who feel vulnerable to sex worker. 

In addition to their duties as royals: talking to volunteers about their work, showing their support and holding eye-contact with every human being, Markle decided to do something that won hearts around the world.

Meghan then began to write empowering messages on the skins of bananas packed in each lunch parcel. 

Even though thousands retweeted and commented on how beautiful the act was, controversial British TV host Piers Morgan who is known for his strong views about Meghan Markle, was not won over by personal messages.

Morgan in fact mocked the royal:

“Giving a sex worker a banana is clearly exposing her to potential mockery, I’m sorry,” he told his Good Morning Britain co-hosts.

“If you’d been advising Meghan Markle before this, would you have said maybe not the bananas?” 

A guest disagreed and suggested he should “tone it down a bit”, but Morgan continued and mimicked Markle:

“Hand me my Sharpie, my moment has come.

“It’s so patronising — ‘You are strong,’ come on.”

Morgan has previously revealed his opinion on the former actress while she was on her Australia tour labelling her as "fake":

“She is an actress. She’s acting great at the moment.”

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