Vale To This Truckload Of VB Lost On An Aussie Highway

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Gone too soon. 

Life is a funny thing. 

One day you’re tucked away in a warehouse fridge and the next you’re strewn across a highway, lost forever. 

An innocent batch of Victoria Bitter beer was the victims of a horrific highway crash in NSW, sending Aussie's everywhere into a deep state of mourning. 

The crash occurred on a stretch of the Pacific Highway just north of Taree, spilling an entire load of precious VB cargo onto the road and shutting down one lane of the highway.  

Bystanders took some disturbing video footage of the scene, showing cans strewn across the road with some spilling their delicious contents onto the hot tar. 

Warning, some viewers may find the following footage distressing:

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Emergency crews have reportedly rushed to the scene of the crime and are dealing with the aftermath. 

The total number of casualties is currently unknown, but one thing is certain: it's a sad, sad day in the land Down Under. 

Images: The Simpsons, Victoria Bitter. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi

Folau says he is sharing the message "out of love".


And for the money to be donated elsewhere. 

They didn't ask for this destiny.