This Is What MySpace Tom Is Now Doing For A Living

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Remember him?

The single most stressful part of our childhood was deciding who was good enough to be in our ‘Top Friends’ on MySpace.

And whether or not to boot Tom from the list.

This guy:

'MySpace Tom’ was everybody's OG friend - and co-founder of the site.

It got us wondering: where is Tom nowadays?

Turns out, the 48-year-old co-founder of MySpace is now a travel photographer. After selling his business to NewsCorp for a whopping $580 million buckaroonies, Tom decided to take a step back from the corporate life.

A peek at his IG shows that he’s a keen photographer (AKA what we’d also rather be doing but such is life) with over 600,000 followers. From Thailand to the Philippines, Tom shoots photos of his epic adventures around the world and tbh, they’re actually really good. 

Tom told ABC News about his newfound hobby, saying: 

 "I was very happy with my results from the beginning...That's highly unusual for me."

His love of photography started after a life-changing experience at Burning Man, following his retirement from the social media bosslife in 2009. Ever since, he’s been a hardcore photographer and active IG user to his many fans. 

The interweb also shows that Tom’s on Twitter, albeit not really that active. His last tweet was way back in 2017 and his bio says that he’s currently “enjoying the good life” (le sigh).

Long live MySpace Tom, you’ll always have a place in my Top Friends.

Image: Vice

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The actor was 41 years old. 


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