You Can Now Add Emojis In A Caption To Your License Plate And Welcome To 2019

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We ain't mad about it. 

License plates used to be random numbers and letters on ugly yellow that no one paid much attention to, except maybe bored children trying to spot a rude word. 

In these modern times you can have your name emblazoned in orange on a matte green license plate if you bloody well feel like it. 

But there’s a new way to express yo self with your license plates that goes beyond six characters - you, dear reader, can now caption yourself. 

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A second line of text, smaller than the registration text, is now available on license plates from Queensland dealer Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ). 

And yes, you can even add emojis and symbols, because what’s a number plate in 2019 without a few hashtags in there for good measure? 

If you’ve already got a themed or coloured plate, getting a caption added so the a-hole tailgating you knows you’re a Virgo will only cost $199. 

But if you’re popping your custom number plate cherry, a new caption plate costs $605.

Captions on the plates will be purely decorative and not part of the vehicle’s registration, obvs, so festoon yourself with as many upside down smiley faces as you please. 

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There is no word on whether other states will allow the use of captions or emojis, so here’s looking at you Australia. 


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