What it costs to eat at Australia's most expensive restaurants

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Tatts Powerball
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Don’t you just love the feeling of sitting down at your favourite 3-hat restaurant and ordering a meal (with matching wines, of course) without even considering checking the prices?

…Yeah. We have no idea what that feels like, either. But we can dream, right?!

In the spirit of dreaming away, we’ve pulled together a list of some of Australia’s finest dining venues with some of the very finest (read: bloody hefty) price tags. 

Tatts Powerball


First off the pass (Sorry. Couldn’t help ourselves.) is Victoria’s Attica. The three-hat restaurant has long been acclaimed for its culinary expertise and was even voted Australia’s top restaurant for 2016 by hospitality professionals nation-wide.

Attica’s tasting menu, which offers dishes like Hand Dived Scallop and Tulips DIY will set you back $250 per person, with matching wines going for an additional $150 per head.

If you’re looking to impress and take a date here, you can book online, but you will be looking at about a 3-to-4-month wait period. So, if you want to commit, you'd better be pretty into that date of yours. Like, really into them.


This Victorian restaurant which can be found in Birregurra (about 1.5 hours out of Melbourne) was named one of the top 100 restaurants in the world this year and uses ingredients like bronze fennel and something called superschmelz kohlrabi (Can’t pronounce it. It MUST be fancy.)

Dining at Brae will set you back between $190 - $220 a head, with matched wines between $125 and $130 per person (prices listed are for Nov-Dec, 2016).

If you want to go full baller, you can even book one of their 6 guest suites – fitted with a turntable, record collection and cocktail bar (nightly rates in January 2017 start from $515). 

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Sepia boasts a long list of awards, including Best Fine Dining Restaurant from the Time Out Food Awards. For dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings, they offer a 9 course menu for $215 per person. Add on matched wines and you’ll be paying another $135 each (which is a real bargain when you consider that they have bottles of wine on their sample wine list priced up to $1,700).

You’re likely going to be looking at about a 3 month wait for a seat at this Sydney restaurant. Which is good, because we’d need about that long to save up for the meal. 


Birthplace of THE Snow Egg, Quay has established quite the name for itself. This year, it was even named one of the top restaurants in the world, alongside Brae.

For a table at this Sydney Harbour favourite on a Friday or Saturday evening, you can expect a wait of up to 6 months. Once you finally do get to your table, a 4 course dinner will cost about $175 a head and wine pairings are priced between $105 and $195 per person. 

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Vue de Monde

French dining equates to two things in the minds of most people: butter and expensive prices.

Shannon Bennett’s Vue de Monde is probably one of the most well-known French restaurants in Australia and it has been widely celebrated for its second to none dining experience. With menu items like black lip abalone with hen’s egg yolk and fumet blanc, a meal here is sure to impress (by which, we mean: look impressive on your Facebook profile). Vue de Monde’s tasting menu ranges in price from $230 to $275 per person. Yeowza.

Oh to be wealthy… we could eat all the superschmelz kohlrabi we desire.

Go Powerballistic for a chance to up your financial status big time. You could walk away with $1,000 a week and finally fulfil that dream of being able to say, “I’ve got this” when the bill comes out at a fancy restaurant.

Good luck!

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

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