The Apple iPhone is changing... again

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Prepare for the smartphone's biggest update yet

Aside from a curved screen and the absence of a home button (yep), Apple’s next iPhone may be rocking another big diff: a new charging port. 

Although the tech giants usually don’t reveal their new products until September, fan rumours have been circulating since forever, and surprisingly they all seem pretty legit. 

Still unclear whether Apple’s newest handheld will be called the iPhone 7s or iPhone 8, The Wall Street Journal’s latest theory is that it will include a USB-C port, rather than Apple’s same-old Lightening Connector. 

The uniquely Apple port has been the standard on the smartphones since 2012, which makes the move a pretty damn big deal, especially considering the amount of adapters and products that stem from it. 

Getty/Nick Wright

The move away from an Apple-designed connection comes after the smartphone giants ditched the headphone jack with the release of the iPhone 7 (RIP). 

The Internet has a lot of theories about the reasoning behind the new fancy USB-C situation, but the most popular seems to be the company’s desire to streamline their handhelds with their new MacBook range which also includes the upgrade. 

We’re also hoping the new iPhone comes with an inbuilt selfie stick and holographic, 3D Siri. 

*stalks tech forums until September* 

Written By Cassie Steel