Kate’s Mayhem | Is it a David Gray or another David song?

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Kate's Mayhem

This week in Kate’s Mayhem, Kate was left saying this > “I actually hate my life” Check out how it all unfolded…

Last week in Kate’s Mayhem, Tim & Marty were distracting her with the David Gray song Babylon. Which of course led to the concept of this week’s Mayhem…. ‘David Gray-hem’. 

It was a simple concept, Kate had to guess whether a song was a beloved ‘David Gray’ or ‘Another David’ song. 

It was a rocky start in Kate’s ‘David Gray-hem’ but Kate managed to get on a bit of a role at the end and score a ‘massive’ four out of ten. 

Check it out...

Best of luck next time Kate! Until then, we’ll have Babylon on repeat. 

Written By Gemma Prendergast

Or songs Boy George ‘MIGHT’ have on his iPod


The Age Game is heating up… 

Boy George

Kate was left speechless when Boy George walked through the door