Luttsy justifies how he injured Producer Scotty and ruined a birthday

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Scott's injury from Luttsy

Our video producer had a birthday on Thursday and Luttsy just had to share the spotlight

Here at Nova we have a birthday tradition where instead of singing Happy Birthday, we cheer and clap and make a lot of noise for the person and then eat cake or chippies. 

On Thursday, it was video producer Maddie's birthday. It's important to mention that Scotty was standing at the front facing everyone banging two tins cups together.

In the middle of the cheering, a mini American football came flying at Scotty's face, breaking his glasses and cutting his nose.

The perpetrator was none other than Luttsy. 

Have a listen to his very long-winded version of events where he tries to get himself out of any trouble...

Watch the footage here...

Written By Madeline Muir
Madeline Muir_Nova

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