Browny Picks A Hole In The Bachelor's 'Dog C-Word' Saga

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"I'm going to have to pump the brakes on that for a sec..."

In studio again to chat to Chrissie, Sam & Browny about 'dog c-word gate' (#dogcwordgate), Matt Agnew was surprised to hear that Browny and Sam hadn't even heard the expression before, even on the footy field.

As Matt and Browny talked about what kid of person would talk like this, Sam realised he was witnessing potential spoilers, so we had to cut it short then and there... 

What does this mean for Matt? What about Monique? Has Browny picked it?


Written By Andy Zito

"I know... right?"

Ivan dancing Bachelorette

Not even Chrissie Swan can convince him it's a bad idea.

Another calming, family-friendly childrens' book reading by the one and only Browny.