The Jobbie Awards 2018

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Where we award true acts of jobber-y from throughout the year

The Jobbie Awards is a time where we look back as a show on the year that was and recognise some truly outstanding efforts by the team. 

Well, by outstanding we mean outstandingly funny for the listeners, not always very flattering for ourselves. 

But that's neither here nor there. 

We kicked off this year with the 'Sneaky Plug' award, awarded to the person who creatively works plugs in content on the show. 

The next award up for grabs is the Best Out Of Context comment of the year. 

We had a few doozies... 

Who on the team is the dirtiest? 

We award 'Being Dirty' to the person who made the grossest, dirtiest call on-air.

Only half the team are parents, so we can only give the 'Best Parenting' award to Ash or Susie. 

And only one was heavily nominated... 

The 'Technical Difficulties' award is a little biased towards Kip who panels the desk. 

But we have some great contenders for greatest tech stuff-up of the year. 

The 'Best Involvement' award is basically awarding the person on the show with the worst listening skills. 

If you've ever listened to one of our shows, you get one guess... 

We regret giving out the 'Technical Difficulty' Jobbie out so early because Kip really stuffed up the 'Expert' award...

We're professional broadcasters but that doesn't stop us from being incapable of pronouncing the simplest words.

Who's the biggest airhead on the show? 

This award is for the person who probably could have thought a bit more before opening their mouth. 

Who had the best burn on another team member?

There were some great roasts nominated, one took Susie six months to get over!

Sometimes we stuff up BIG TIME on this show. And none other than our Producer Sam was nominated in this category.

We do have some stellar guest characters on the show, including old favourites like Jonte & Antonio, but there were some new faces this year. 

Who could forget Nosher Dogsburg, the host of Nova's The Bitchelor? And what about Nova's very own racehorse, Boomsara? 

Everyone has a blow up every once in a while... But we have video evidence of Ange Anderson losing it and Susie got TWO nominations?!


Written By Madeline Muir
Madeline Muir_Nova

Can we get an invite to this neighboorhood?

And it sounds amazing!

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