They say do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life! Well, that’s what Cale decided when he was 14, in school, and started radio! Cale’s been doing radio for almost 15 years and with the Nova family for 6 of them.

Catch Cale Monday-Thursday nights 10pm-1am and Saturday nights 8pm-midnight live across the country. Plus popping up all over the place including stepping in for Smallzy when he’s away.

Cale’s interviewed One Direction while Harry Styles was in his kitchen making a cup of tea, shaken Zac Efron’s hand then never washed it for days and had Katy Perry say his unique, standout name which he used as a ringtone for months.

Cale loves a buffet, a $10 Schnitzel night, riding the Jet Ski in Summer, music festivals, travelling and getting amongst the big events in town. After fully renovating his home a few years back, expect more property developing from him as he loves a DIY project on weekends.

Favourite destinations include, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New Zealand and Vanuatu!

Say hi on insta @CalePorter_