Mat Rogers was blindsided on Survivor

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Mat Rogers

He admits he's glad he didn't get to the stage where he had to turn on his mates

Last night's episode of Survivor Australia was pretty hectic. 

After one of the most stressful tribal councils, Mat Rogers was eliminated - even after Sharn played her idol for him. 

But Sharn changed her mind after Benji piped up from the bench and told her not to - it was all pretty strange. 

We had Matty on the show this morning and asked him what everyone was thinking: 'WHY DIDN'T YOU PLAY YOUR IDOL?!'

“I thought I’d still be okay, but wasn’t the case, got blindsided and here I am,’ Mat said. 

“Yeah I could have [played the idol], obviously didn’t”… I tried to preserve that idol as long as I could…

"I should have played the idol - theres no question. It’s much easier watching on TV, I was looking at the TV going ‘play your idol, you idiot!’”

Watch the full interview below.

Written By Madeline Muir
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Kate had some pretty negative self-talk going on... 

You best Belieb it

Fair enough!