The Nova crew had a BCF-ing good time at Camp Nova

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Ash, Kip & Luttsy with Susie O'Neill took 22 listeners on a camping trip up to Fraser Island for the weekend!

Ash has been going on and on about doing a Nova listener trip to Fraser Island for YEARS. Well, it finally happened. 

We drove up to Fraser with 22 listeners for a BCF-ing awesome weekend. 

One of the first stops was the stunning Lake McKenzie. 

The lake has stunning blue, crystal clear water, with pure white sand. 

Luttsy discovered that the sand is white silica, and is an amazing natural face mask. He schooled the team and some listeners in a bit of a Beauty 101 crash course. 

We also visited Lake Garawongera in the middle of the island. 

The team found what seemed to be dingo droppings in the water's edge, so Luttsy hatched a plan.

When Ash hopped out of the water, Luttsy flicked a muesli bar that bore a passing resemblance onto Ash.

Check out his disgusted reaction. 

Eli Creek was a definite highlight, Luttsy said it was the best fun he's had in about two years! And if you keep up with his Instagram, he has a lot of fun... so that's a big call. 

Luttsy, Kip & Susie went for a float on the tubes down the creek, while Ash threw a ball around with some listeners. 

Written By Madeline Muir
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