Susie chooses between a 9 - 5 and breakfast radio

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She just has one small change she wants to make... 

After the first promo for the latest season of The Bachelorette, Susie is doing some thinking about her life. Specifically, her employment. 

She tossed up what life would be like if she had a 9 - 5 job instead of pursuing breakfast radio after her swimming career, and The Bitchelor host, Nosher Dogsburg returned to help her out. 

Check out the choice she made, and the one minor change she wanted to make. 

Obviously, she chose breakfast radio. What's better than working three hours a day, four days a week?

Don't forget that she can be home by 9.15am, doesn't have to do school drop-offs and gets free stuff on the regular.

It's clearly the best choice. Sorry to all the 9 - 5 workers out there. 

Oh, and for the small change: she just wants the show to be called "The Susie O'Neill Show with Ash, Kip & Luttsy". It's got a great ring to it, right? 

Written By Madeline Muir
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