Is Susie Smarter Than A Journo?

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Smarter Than A Journo

This week, we're putting Susie up against some of the best journalists in Brisbane to see if she can beat them in Smarter Than Suse. 

Susie is challenging some of our local journos to a game of Smarter Than Suse.

And after round one, Susie is going to prove hard to beat. 

Up first, is Courier Mail and Q Confidential's Entertainment Editor Kristy Symonds. 

Watch Susie take on Kristy!

Melissa Downes from Channel 9 challenged Susie - who won against Kristy on the first day.

And Melissa had an interesting strategy to putting Suse off her game... hugging her!

Watch Melissa take on Susie!

Susie is going strong so far, with two wins under her belt, can Peter Gleeson from Sky News, Courier Mail & Sunday Mail get a win against her?

Listen to Gleeson take on Susie!

Channel 7's Max Futcher was the next journo to take on Susie. 

Susie had won the previous three games... Can Max take her down? 

Listen back!

Ahead of the final Smarter Than A Journo quiz, the journos were down 1 - 3. 

Can Georgina Lewis from Channel 10 redeem them?

Yeah, nah. Georgina lost it on time. 

Up your game next time, journos!

Written By Madeline Muir
Madeline Muir_Nova

“I screamed so loud my neighbours thought that I was literally being attacked”

So how'd she do it?

“There are several winners now…”