Camila Cabello Wasn’t The First Choice For Mark Ronson’s New Song

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We can’t imagine it any other way!

Remember when we found out that Camila Cabello recorded different versions of the hit songs God Is A Woman and The Middle, but they were ultimately released by other artists?

Well, that happened in reverse with Mark Ronson and his new single Find U Again.

Talking to Smallzy in his LA studio, Mark revealed that he didn’t initially think of Camila when he was choosing a vocalist for the track, but we are so glad he did!

The song wouldn’t be the same without her and her unique voice and writing style!

You can listen to the new track, Find U Again, on Apple Music here:

Written By Lachlan Guertin

“I screamed so loud my neighbours thought that I was literally being attacked”

“There are several winners now…”