George Ezra has his eyes on the coolest Christmas present ever

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You'll never believe what George wants for Christmas this year, gang!

PSA: Christmas is just over two weeks away and what better way to countdown the days until good ol' Santa Claus pays us all a visit, than by asking some celebs what they want from the man in red?

And, first to spill the beans on their Christmas wish-list is none other than 'Shotgun' singer, George Ezra!

Yup! Smallzy caught up with the legend himself, and the present the superstar (or in this case, his girlfriend) plans on getting him for Christmas will seriously surprise you - Oh, and possibly make you love him even more!

Curious? Check it out below...

Written By Rosanna Lamotta


Prepare for drama...

“Luckily it wasn’t at a certain different stage it could’ve been…”