Here’s When You Can Expect To See Why Don’t We In Australia

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Why Don’t We were last in the country for the release of their debut album 8 Letters in August 2018, and now the boy band might be coming back sooner than we thought!

It feels like ages since they were here!

Corbyn and Jonah from the group FaceTimed Smallzy to talk all about their new song with Macklemore, and of course an Australian tour came up.

The fans want to know!

Their new song is called I Don’t Belong In This Club, and because they’re underage in the US, the boys can’t wait to go clubbing in Australia!

Oh, we can’t wait either.

While the boys were telling Smallzy all about how they teamed up with Macklemore on the new song, you can hear an interesting sound…

Did they just fart?

While we wait for them to come back down under, Jonah and Corbyn told the story of their craziest fan experience, and wow.

We’ll admit, the fans actually had a pretty smart idea...

Also, the boys have been in the studio for a few days now so EXPECT NEW MUSIC SOON!

We are SO excited!

Written By Lachlan Guertin


Prepare for drama...

“Luckily it wasn’t at a certain different stage it could’ve been…”