How The Jonas Brothers Feel About Their First Album In 10 Years

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First we had the reunion announcement, then their new song Sucker was stuck in everyone’s heads, and now the Jonas Brothers have released their first studio album in 10 years.

Happiness Begins is now out in the world, making it official that the Jonas Brothers are back and here to stay.

Their last album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, was released in 2009 with the absolute bangers Fly With Me and Before The Storm featuring Miley Cyrus, and debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.

Live in LA, Smallzy sat down with the boys for the second time - the first was the boys’ first worldwide interview about their reunion - to talk all about the album.

Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas discussed their game plan coming back into the music industry together, how long it took them to write the album and who heard it first.

We are SO happy they are back.

Fans have reacted extremely positively to the release on Twitter, saying it was “worth the 10-year wait”.

You can stream the JoBros’ new album Happiness Begins on Apple Music here:

Written By Lachlan Guertin

“I screamed so loud my neighbours thought that I was literally being attacked”

“There are several winners now…”