Sketching with Smallzy is back... And it's Hailee Steinfeld's turn!

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That's right gang, it's time for Hailee to transform Smallzy into art!

It's the last week of Smallzy's Surgery for 2018 and what better way to add to the magnificent year, than with a chat to Hailee Steinfeld?

Last night, Smallzy caught up with the new 'BumbleBee' star in Hong Kong, where they not only channelled their inner Picasso's but discussed everything from Hailee nearly running John Cena over, to her plans for 2018 (and yes, that involves some new music) and what's it's like to play a character from the '80s.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that she is even more stunning in person?!

Check out how the chat went down below... Just wait until you see her pic of Smallzy.

P.S 'BumbleBee' will be in cinemas Thursday 20th of December.

Written By Rosanna Lamotta

“Luckily it wasn’t at a certain different stage it could’ve been…”

“I screamed so loud my neighbours thought that I was literally being attacked”

“There are several winners now…”