Brisbane, we know where to get half-price grilled cheese sangers

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What a time to be a Southsider!

MeltBrothers is back and offering up more cheese than ever before.

If you’re all about that Grilled Cheese toastie life and you just love a good ol’ discount, then listen up Southsiders.

Stemming from the alleyways of New York, using only the finest, cheesiest cheese, MeltBrothers is opening their second store in none other than Westfield Garden City.

Let’s not kid ourselves here, but for a while grilled cheese toasties were out and acai bowls were in.

But MeltBrothers decided to bring the Aussie staple back with a modern and low key Americanised twist.

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We dub thee, fairy-god-brothers of cheesy goodness. Don’t miss your chance to feel the comfort.

The launch (with the discounts…) is on Saturday October 14 offering 50% off all Grilled Cheese sandwiches from 9am to 5pm.

Now with any good discount, there is always a little catch, but luckily enough, it’s just a little, well, cheesy. Make sure you are following the MeltBrothers on Facebook and Instragram pages.

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love cheese and we hope you do too.

When? Saturday October 14, 9am - 5pm 

Where? Melt Bros. Garden City


Image credit: Melt Brothers

Written By Madeline Muir
Madeline Muir_Nova
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