Celebrate the Moon Landing 50th anniversary at Queensland Museum

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Remember humankind’s greatest adventure at NASA – A Human Adventure

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing at NASA – A Human Adventure, July 20th at Queensland Museum

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong

On Monday 21 July at 12.56pm, Eastern Standard Time, Queenslanders were among the estimated 600 million people watching the Apollo 11 moon landing television broadcast across the world.

We’re celebrating the momentous occasion of the first humans landing, stepping and kangaroo hopping on the Moon, and we invite you to join us.


  • Imagine the anticipation of watching that mighty first step in our 1960s Queensland lounge room, complete with retro lounge, lamps, and drinks trolley. Thanks to Camp Hill Antique Centre for styling and furniture. Find it at Café Muse on Level 2 from 15 July 2019.


  • Enjoy adults only event After Dark – Party like it’s 1969. Limited tickets, buy now.


  • Our northern hemisphere friends witnessed Neil Armstrong take the first step on the Moon on 20 July 1969, while back home in Queensland we witnessed it on 21 July at 12.56pm. Glam up in your best space gear or don your NASA t-shirt and be part of the 50th anniversary of the Moon walk on Saturday 20 July in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall before the clock hits 12.56pm. 


  • Get more space on Saturday 20 July as NASA – A Human Adventure will be open from 9.40am until the last ticket session at 7pm and close at 8pm. Other Museum exhibitions will be unavailable from 5pm. Enjoy food and drink in Café Muse on Level 2 until 8pm. Buy tickets now.
Written By Henry Bretz

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