Struggling through Dry July? Here's a hack that just might help you out

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We'll certainly be giving this a go.

If there's one thing we know is difficult, it's trying not to give in to FOMO when your pals are indulging in a sweet bevy and you're going alcohol-free. 

Luckily, though the folk at Menulog have thought ahead and decided to help out all y'all who are doing this Dry July thing this year. 

They've come up with 'virgin' alternatives for your favourite boozy drinks, all of which you can order to have delivered to your door - score! 

The suggestions they've come up with are:

Swap a Bills Spiced Bloody Mary ($18.50) for a Courtyard Cafe De Capo Virgin Mary ($5.00)

Swap a Hacienda Campfire Espresso Martini ($21.00) for a Mickey’s Cafe Affogato Thickshake ($8.00)

Swap a Mr Miyagi Frozen G&T ($16.00) for a S H I I Z U K U Lychee Soda ($4.50)

Swap a BRKLYN Roast Coconut Old Fashioned ($20.00) for a Noodle Kitchen Brown Sugar Ice Jelly ($4.00)

Swap a Mr Good Bar Corpse Reviver No. 2 ($22.00) for a Niño's Pizzeria Aloe Vera Hint of Honey Drink ($5.50)

Swap a Comuna Cantina Margarita ($17.00) for a Juice Energy Bluetella Super Smoothie ($10.90)

Swap a House of Brews Vanilla & Passionfruit ($18.95) for a Jee’s Burger Oreo Milkshake ($6.00)

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