This is what you should be drinking with your pizza

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That margherita of yours is about to get SO much better.

It’s easy to assume that wine and food pairings are reserved for those fancy 14-course degustation meals that you can only afford to splurge on once every twelve years. 

We’re here to tell you: eff that noise. Wine and takeaway on a weekend (or, y’know, a Tuesday night when you can’t be bothered) is probably one of the most enjoyable parts of adult life and so, why not do a little research to ensure you’re choosing the best possible vino for that pad thai you’re about to smash. 

We chatted with Cellar Director of Cellarmasters Christine Ricketts who has given us a fool-proof list of perfect pairings. Check ‘em out below:

Pizza and Nero D’avola:

"It depends on the toppings, but as most pizzas have a tomato base and cheese topping, you can’t go wrong with an Italian-style, medium-bodied red wine. Try Nero D’Avola, a red wine made of a Sicilian grape, with soft tannins and strong fruit flavours. The wine will beautifully balance the acidity of the tomatoes while complimenting the cheese."

Wine to try: Archway Fleurieu Peninsula Nero D'avola 2015

Thai food and Rosé:

"Because of the heat and variety of spices traditionally found in Thai food, an off-dry Rosé from a warm climate wine region like the Barossa is the perfect pairing. The slightly sweet fruit flavours of the wine will balance the spiciness of the food."

Wine to try: Krondorf Growers Barossa Grenache Rose 2017

Mexican and Pinot Noir:

"Mexican food has a lot of heat, so a Pinot Noir with its soft tannins will marry well with the spices and beans. Go for a lighter style Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley instead of the traditionally more medium-bodied Pinots from Tasmania. A Rosé made from Cabernet grapes is another great option. Cabernet Rosés tend to have red wine-like flavours of cherry, black currant and peppers. The heightened acidity of a traditional Rosé wine will balance the heat."

Wine to try: Yarra View Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2015

Burgers and Barossa Shiraz:

"This is a tough one, as burgers have a lot of flavours and textures, including the cheese, beef patty, the bread, condiments etc. However, a big, bold Barossa Shiraz is probably the best pick, as it has enough power to take on all the flavours of a burger."

Wine to try: Krondorf Growers Barossa Shiraz 2014

Dumplings and Riesling:

"The best wine to enjoy with dumplings is one that doesn’t dominate. A crisp Australian Riesling will pair beautifully with these plump pillows of delight, as the dry wine with lovely citrusy flavours will not overpower the delicate flavours of the food."

Wine to try: Mockingbird Hill Slate Lane Polish Hill Clare Valley Riesling 2017

Sushi and Pinot Grigio:

"Pinot Grigio is a lighter style white, with mouth-filling flavours of pear or apple with tangy acidity, which is why it is the ideal wine match for sushi. The green fruit notes in the wine are refreshing and compliment the food, while the acidity of the wine will cut through heavier flavours of the food, such as the oily fish, soy sauce or tempura batter."

Wine to try: Wordsmith Bed of Roses King Valley Pinot Grigio 2017

Vietnamese and Sangiovese:

"The key ingredients used in Vietnamese cooking tend to be fish sauce, sugar and rice. Because of the quite mild flavours, Vietnamese goes well with Sangiovese, a medium-bodied red wine with lovely plum, cherry and herb flavours, or a Pinot Gris, a medium-bodied white wine, as they will both off-set the mild flavours of the food."

Wine to try: Archway Fleurieu Peninsula Sangiovese 2016

Fish n’ chips and Chardonnay:

"A warm climate, bright fruit, unoaked or lightly oaked Chardonnay has enough power and texture to compliment the flavours of the fish and the batter, while the acidity of the wine will break down the fat in the chips."

Wine to try: Stonyfell Selection Chardonnay 2016

Happy wining and dining, peeps!

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