Do You Think You’re Smarter Than Suse?

It’s no surprise that Madam Butterfly is an Olympic champion and handles the pressure of a trivia quiz live on-air like a pro.

Ash, Kip and Luttsy are keen to see just how far Suse can go especially if they up the pressure and offer a daily cash prize of $500!

Reckon you have what it takes to beat Suse in her own trivia competition?! For your chance to take on Madam Butterfly, listen throughout the day from 9am to play a ‘warm up’ round of Smarter Than Suse. You’ll go head to head against another listener who also believes they have what it takes to bring down Suse.

You’ll need to outsmart the other listener and return the following competition hour to battle another listener with the last person standing deemed the carry over champ that day!

The carry over champ will verse Suse the following morning in breakfast for $500 cash. Should Suse win, the prize money will jackpot by $500 the following morning.

Be listening from 6am weekdays to play!

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