This $10 Kmart Bargain Will Snazz Up Your Winter Wardrobe

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Leopard print is no longer reserved for bingo players and Fran Fine. 

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Yep, these days the fanciest Insta influencers are sporting the bold animal print on everything from heels to hair clips. 

The next big thing: a statement sneaker - legit the easiest way to snazz up an outfit, with exxier brands like Vans, Superga and Seed sporting leopard print sneakers for the new season. 

Not to be outdone, along comes Kmart with a fab leopard print lace-up - and they’re only $10 a pair. 

With a rounded toe and a 3-4cm platform for an edgy cushion, they say ‘I had five minutes to get out the door but I’m still fabulous’. 

Shoppers went nutso for their sell-out $20 leopard print dress not too long ago, so if that’s anything to go off these sneaks won’t last long. 

Instagram user luxeandlemonade posted a snap of her wearing the flashy shoes, and commenters were quick to gush. 

“Oh l love this you make everything look so luxe,” one commented. 

“Love it! And yes, must wear the leopard sneakers any opportunity you get,” added another. 

We’re gonna add these to our collection of leopard print errythang. 


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