The $25 Kmart 'Sculpting' Jeans Flying Off The Shelves

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Don't walk, run. 

Everyone and everyone’s friend and everyone’s friend’s grandma knows how difficult it is to find “the one” -  and by “the one” we mean a pair of comfortable, stylish and wearable jeans. 

Well we’re gonna say “you’re welcome” in advance because we just solved ya problem.

The ever- faithful and reliable Kmart has released their Sculpting Skinny Jeans; a budget-friendly/uber-cool/stretchy-but-chic pair of denim retailing at - wait for it - $25 buckaroonies. 

Need we say more?

Instagram user @luxeandlemonade posted a photo of herself in the jeans and was soon flooded with comments of appreciation:

“The holy grail of jeans. They sculpt, lift, tuck, flatten and makes it look like you’ve done 3557 booty squats.”


“Seriously best recommendation!”


“How good are the jeans at Kmart! I'm actually surprised."

The lives of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants changed with just a good pair of jeans, and so can yours - they’ve got a pair for any taste, with options in blue, black and grey.  


Set yourself on course for the nearest Kmart; you and your booty deserve these.

Image: Getty / Kmart

Written By Izzy Cuyuca